What Can I Do To Help?

The Georgia Association of Medieval Entertainment strives to provide an Exceptional and Memorable LARP experience!

How do we do that?

  1. Take Nothing for Granted

    We know that you expect a lot out of us: An immersive atmosphere, a deeply involved story, fair and consistent gameplay... and we aim to deliver! We try our best not to overlook the most important resource in any LARP.
    Without players, there is no game, so we go the extra mile to make sure that every single player feels involved and special, and never feels like they're being ignored or going unnoticed.
  2. Gather Ideas Like Raindrops

    We know that our players come from a variety of backgrounds and have likely played (or are currently playing) other games. We want every player to feel comfortable approaching game Management with ideas of what they would like to see, and be confident that they will be heard and that their ideas will be considered. We will never simply turn away any idea or suggestion that comes our way. The goal of our staff is this: If an idea that is presented won't work the way it is due to a conflict with the current game system, we will work with the player in an attempt to meet halfway and build that idea into something workable.
  3. Give! Give Until It Hurts!

    We've given a lot of ideas throughout this website about who we are... so I'd like to take a moment to describe who we're not. We are not under any kind of cognitive distortion that would lead us to believe that we're going to become rich by LARPing... It would be lovely, yes, to make a living doing what we love, but it's not feasible while still being an affordable service to our players.
    As such, everything that we have that we use to bring our players an awesome gaming experience, we obtained either by paying for it out of the pockets of the Management Team, or from donations.
    We're not trying to make a personal profit by running this game, and all money collected goes directly back into the game to purchase props, make repairs, and to help cover printing costs.


We need your help!

Please consider giving to the game. We will happily accept donations in the form of game props, weapons, costuming, makeup, spellpackets, and even cash.
All donations become property of the game, not an individual, and 100% of it is used to improve the game for everyone.


Your Donations are Appreciated... and Rewarded!

For any donations made, if you turn in a receipt with it, we will happily reward your Player Character (PC) with Experience, Items, and other goodies!

Rewards are given per dollar amount, so the more you give, the more you receive!

Any donations can be made at an event, or if you'd like to donate cash via Debit or Credit card, please use the link below!


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