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Chaos and Fear in the infirmary

2 weeks 9 hours ago #3964 by Miquella
Miquella makes his way back inside and looks to some of the volunteers, “I apologize for my absence. I had visitors outside I had to speak too.” Still noticing he has the favor in hand from Storm. He places it in his pouch and continues his work. The volunteer speaks up to him in an exhausted but soft voice, “It is fine Guildmaster. We are still working through the new patients.” Miquella looks to them with a smiles, “Thank you. Any who are in critical condition. Please let me know. I will see what I can do.” Miquella then makes his way to a young women who is in tears. He kneels down and in a soft voice. “Let me get you checked out. What is hurting?” The young women shows him her hand which is clearly broken. “Let me get this fixed up.” He smiles and braces it to ensure the break is secured and stable. Wrapping it tightly to protect it from further harm. “It’s going to be painful for a little bit, but i am going to give you a herb. Chewing on this will help the healing some as well as help with the pain.” He nods and takes it before continuing to sit in place. Miquella gets up and moves to another patient.

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2 weeks 7 hours ago #3975 by Kai
Miquella works throughout the day on various types of injuries from sprains to head wounds to crushed bones. Everyone he meets is thankful for the help and treatment. Some are crying over missing family members while others are still and silent as the shock of what has happened weighs on them.

Diane can be seen rushing through the sick beds, pouring potion after potion down mouths and pressing potions into other people's hands.

Marquanthis is running the resurrection circle, a pot of forgotten and long cold tea on the table beside the circle as he brings yet another soul back into it's body.

Lorielle is directing traffic through the guild and occasionally stops to administer first aid. Also using potions that she takes from Diane in passing.

Claire is assisting in the direction of traffic through the guild and rushes over to Diane to get more potions which she either administers or gives to people who are able to drink them on their own.

Harrold is outside the guild, healing those he can and directing them to the guild for safety.

Every one of the guild's members looks tired and drained but continues to push on helping those they can.

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