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End of Light for the Kingdom

4 years 1 month ago #6 by Eric
*When Learia runs past [Selena] blurting something about the missive in the tavern, she turns to a guild member.*
"Please go copy down the missive for me and bring it back to me as soon as possible."
*When he returns with a copy of missive, Selena scans over it quickly. As she's reading her eyes go wide. She turns to Timothy.*
"I have to go."
*she then runs to find Learia.*
*A large black Raven flies to a window at the light guild. It looks around as if looking for someone.*
As Sofira helps Laeria with her chores she sees the raven land and slows to stare at it.
Sofira sticks to Laeria’s side as the ex-guildmistress rushes around. You see her helping Laeria.
Sofira runs about helping Laeria gather the guilds artifacts and items. As they grab a few things, she takes a moment to speak to Laeria directly but keeps her pace steady an never raises her eyes from her task. She keeps her voice low enough that any nearby guild members cannot over hear them.
"Lady Laeria, I must be with you when you meet with Her."
She does not look at Laeria to see her reply but continues with her task.
*The bird looks at you and starts to peck at the ward.*
Sofira tugs on Laeria'' s robes. "My lady."
She points to the raven pecking at the wards.
"I believe it''s time. Unless you recognize that raven."
Laeria looks up suddenly, a look of defiance crossing her face. She stops walking briefly and turns to look out the window. With a calm and steady voice, and a fire rarely seen in the young Light mage, she says,
"Eldrich, lock the ward and remove all security permissions other than mine. The guild is in danger. Destroy all who would do it harm. Lillith..... come and get me you Bitch."
With that, she elegantly turns on her heal and continues through the door to the ritual room.
Sofira’s eyes widen at Laeries's words but then glares at the raven and immediately follows after Laeria.
The Raven speaks (you hear Lilith's voice) “Nice try former Guild Mistress but you cannot run from me... I call upon the Power of Emotion and the Might of Hate to Annihilate all magics Before Me. In the Kings Name Shall it Be Done."
The building rocks violently as a beam of energy hits the building, the Ward simmers and then blinks out.
In the ritual room, Sofira turns to Laeria with tears streaming down her face. "Go! Now!" And the little ice Faerie throws her arms around the guild mistress in a tight embrace. She whispers "Be safe, my Lady. I will miss you."
She then steps away from Laeria and watches as the light mage makes several complex gestures and mutters in an arcane tongue, calling upon the planes as bright white light explodes around her, filling the guild building with blinding light. When the light dies down, Laeria is gone along with the guild's artifacts, leaving behind no trace.
Sofira let's out one last sob before straightening up and swiping the tears from her eyes. Her sadness is immediately replaced by rage and the Faerie runs toward the door, shrinking in mid-stride and taking to wing, and leaving the light guild far behind her.
*when the wards lower, Selena runs into her room, grabs a large messenger bag off the wall, throws everything on her desk in it, then grabs another larger bag and starts emptying the trunk at the foot of her bed. She grabs her weapons, all her fortune telling stuff, and anything else of value she has. She then rushes back out to the lobby to find Timothy.*
'You find him helping guild members exit the building. "is the guild mistress safe yet" he calls out when he sees you.
"She's gone. We need to get out of here. You aren't safe. I already have everything packed. I'm sure I have a place for us to go."
*She has the bags thrown over her shoulder and starts helping everyone get clear of the building.*
"once we get everyone out we will flee as well but we can't leave town with the graveyard opening, we will lose Volaire if we do."
"we are going to lose the whole kingdom if we don't figure out what to do about her."
*He stops for a moment and looks at you* "we will find a way we did it once we will do it again this time it will be for good."
"Last time we had the backing of the royal court. This time she does. And I don't think Sir Wolfram can help this time. I just hope he doesn't order me to back out of the fight. He is my knight master after all."
Sofira walks up to stand outside the guild of light. Her eyes are red, puffy, and droopy, her clothes are wrinkled, and her hair is messy and tangled. She moves about slowly and makes no effort to approach anyone. She remains distant from the guild but close enough to view the doors. *What do I see happening with the guild of light?*
For the most part the guild is still intact you see guild members leaving others are staying. Timothy is helping those who want to leave. The red mist that is coming from the graveyard is starting to enter the house.
Sofira jogs over to Timothy's side and begins ushering people out. "Where should we tell them to go? There aren''t many safe places left."
Her eyes drift to the red mist flowing into the building. "As a matter of fact we should get going soon too. We don't need to be here when she arrives." She glances at Timothy. "You definitely shouldn't be here for that."
"They can take shelter in the tavern and other guilds. We will be clearing out as soon as everyone else is safe." *She turns to look at Sofira and an expression much like a mother consoling her child crosses her face.* "And Laeria will be fine. We will figure out a way to stop this, or we will figure out a way to get her to safety. But for now we must focus on what's in front of us. Do you still have your present that was mine or did she take that with her as well?"
'Timothy looks over " I fought her once and help beat her I’m not running this time I’m not leaving my girl again. I have a small home just outside the main gate to the city we will be safe there you can come as well young faerie."
The last of the guild members have departed.
Timothy says "I will go through the guild to make sure everyone is out you two head to the house I will meet you there."
"I'll go get the horses then meet you back out front. I'm not leaving without you."
*She goes to the stable and returns a few minutes later with 2 large horses and a third smaller one. The smaller one and one of the larger ones have saddles on them, the other does not. She begins tying her bags to the larger one with the saddle.* "Little one. Do you have everything you need?"
Sofira approaches the horses next to Selena. She rubs her eyes and sighs. "Its not just Laeria. I-"
The Faeries' eyes shift side to side. "We should wait to talk in a place more private."
She then attempts to flutter her wings but they barely lift off her back. "Can I ride with you? I flew around for..." She stops to calculate but shakes her head viciously." I flew around for a while after all the commotion. I think they deserve a break."
A small tiger pokes its head up out of the bag over Sofira'' s shoulder. It's blue eyes meet hers and Sofira smiles back sadly while patting its head. "I know Isa. Everything will be alright. Just stay hidden." The tiger purrs, nudges Sofira's cheek, and let's out a quiet mew before disappearing into the bag.
Sofira frowns. "I have everything I need."
*Selena would notice the necklace missing from her neck and a bone dagger on her hip.*
*she nods to the little fairy.*
"Yes dear, I understand. We will be safe once we get to Timothy's house. Here, let me help you up."
*She offers a hand up to the larger horse without a saddle, then begins un packing the things from the other larger horse and moving them to the smaller one.*
"You can ride with me. I'm sure he is big enough for the both of us. As long as your little friend keeps her claws to herself."
*She lets out a smile, obviously trying to make a small joke to attempt to cheer up Sofira.*
Sofira smiles but it does not reach her eyes. She takes Selena's hand and climbs onto the horse. "Thank you. Don't worry about Isa. She's really gentle. Wouldn't hurt a fly. "
The Faerie looks back at the guild of light. The smile immediately falls from her lips and anger lights her eyes. "Timothy should hurry. This place is not safe. She will send her minions after anyone associated with the guild."
'Timothy exits the guild. "ok everyone is out". He mounts his horse. "Its not far but stay close." He then heads out toward the main gate.
Sofira looks over to Selena. "Ready? Once we get there I need to talk with you. Timothy can hear this as well if he wishes."
*selena ties a line from the smaller horse to her horse, then flutters up behind Sophira.*
"Yep. Lets go."
*she follows Timothy.*
The following takes place at Timothy''s Home.
The house is a simple one only one story with a small plot of land next to it . It looks as if no one has been here for a while, vines have grown up over the windows and some of the grass has died.
Timothy speaks "Don't let the outside fool you the inside is much better." As you walk up to the house the vines around the door move away, you walk inside and see that the house is not as run down as it looks from the outside, you see stairs going up a full living room everything looks new.
He takes you to a room near the back of the house were you feel Light energy coming from, "Lock Down" he opens the door and you see two Light Golems protecting a Resurrection Circle and some Light Magic Items.
"Your house is lovely Timothy." Sofira says as she looks around the room. She sighs and says a bit quieter, more to herself. "I wonder if my home looked like this."
She spots the rez circle "You have one of your own? That's amazing!"
"it was done years ago in case something happened to the guild house, the guild master at the time saw it as a good idea. Never thought I would use it. Please make yourself at home we are quite protected here."
(i take it that Selena would have known about this place... yes?)
'Yes but you did not know about the rez circle'
*as they approach the house, selena grins. when they enter, and she feels the light magic, she flinches and raises her hood and obviously doesn't enter the light room. And avoids looking directly at the gaurdians.*
"Timothy dear, this is going to be a problem."
'He looks over at you and smiles, "no they know you and they will listen to you."
*she seems to relax slightly, and steps into the room, avoiding the res circle.*
"Alright dear, If you say so. So what did you need to speak with us about little one?"
'A sudden and resounding knock assaults the front door of Timothy's house. The guardians turn their attention to the door, light energy crackling around them.
The knock sounds again, and a familiar voice raises from outside.
"Timothy, you in there? We need to talk, now! C'mon, I haven't got all day!"
A different kind of knock rattles the door, the sound of a heavy boot hitting the bottom of the door. The Guardians begin moving toward the door, eyes pulsating with white light.
The firm, rough voice says, "And tell those damn Light things that if they keep moving toward me I''ll break them.... yea that's right, I sense you ya misplaced candle flames. Piss off!"
Sofira stiffens at the banging on the door but relaxes slightly when she hears the voice. "Well I suppose we should wait for him to get in here. If that's who I think it is. It's important that everyone who needs to know, knows."
The frown returns to her face but her eyes do not leave the door and her hand slides to the dagger on her hip.
*Selena looks to the front of the house and as soon as she recognizes the voice, she tells the gaurdians to stand down. She walks to the front, opens the door, and steps out. She takes her promise ring off and extends her hand.*
"Given the circumstances, I''m sure you understand my need to test your mind before I let you in."
"Come in general you are always welcome." The guardians stand down.
'Wolfrum steps in, brushing Selena's hand aside with the hilt of his sword, "We don't have time to stand in the doorway and hold hands, Selena. Eyes are everywhere."
He sheathes his sword, flashing a challenging glare toward the Light Guardians in the room, "Besides, if that bitch has the strength to get into MY head, then testing me wouldn't do you any good, and we all are well aware of that fact."
Wolfrum casually glances around the room, his highly trained eyes taking in every detail in a pass. He nods to everyone in the room in turn and then faces Timothy, "It's not General anymore old friend, just Wolfrum. It would seem that my services are no longer required in the King's Palace..."
He snorts a laugh and then his face grows serious, "I hope that someone has better news than I, because as it stands, it looks like I'll be adding High Treason to my list of offenses soon."
Sofira drops her hand from the hilt of her dagger and sighs. " I'm sorry about your ring, Sir Wolfrum. Did you ever get it fixed? And l'm afraid my news is no better. Well... There's a little good news in there I guess." She shakes her head and the first real smile crosses her lips briefly. "But first... High treason? What did you do?"
"I broke a window... and a chair... and the conference table in the King's Throne Room and then called the Lady Inquisitor a manipulative bitch in open council.... apparently that's frowned upon."
The words ''Lady Inquisitor'' drip like poison from Wolfrum's mouth as he speaks, and he winces as he shifts his weight to his other leg as he's standing before those assembled in the house. Upon closer inspection, the Knight Master's pants are badly ripped about the legs, and the bottom of the right leg of his pants are soaked with what appears to be blood. His usually highly polished chest plate is smudged with soot, and bears gashes set diagonally across one side.
"So what have we found out? Someone give me some good news..."
Sofira recognizes the blood and starts to move towards Wolfrum, the faint glow of magic appearing in her hands. But she halts midstep and hisses, smothering the magic before it takes form. "I'm very sorry Sir Wolfrum but I cannot tend your wounds. I was given specific orders to not use my magic."
Sofira frowns "Lady Freya..."
The Ice Faerie stumbles back as realization hits her again and tears fill her eyes. The Faerie sucks in several deep breaths, closes her eyes, and mumbles to herself. She then stands straight and its as if nothing had happened.
"Sorry... " Sofira clears her throat and dusts herself off. "Lady Freya is gone. I have absolutely no contact with her. She severed the link." Her hand floats to her chest before dropping to her side. "She knows about Laeria and is doing what she can. Also, the dagger is hidden and I''ve been instructed by Freya to not use Light magic."
Sofira chuckles. "On the bright side, I believe Laeria is safe."
*When Wolfram pushes past her, she lets out a sigh and follows him into the house. Upon noticing the wound she glances at the fairy getting ready to cast light magic.*
"That won''t help him deary."
*A black ball of engery begins to form in her hand.*
"May I? And before we tell you anything else, look me straight in the eye and tell me that you are not still sworn to protect King Arioch''s family. "
'Wolfrum narrows his eyes and meets Selena with a glare, "I am sworn to protect Arioch and his family. I have not been released from my charge, although I fear that time is quickly approaching. A Knight cannot simply ignore a charge because he doesn't agree with what that charge is doing..."
His voice lowers to a growl and a fire burns in his eyes, fueled by the obvious turmoil roaring inside of the Draconian, "A Knight is sworn to his charge until released or a breech of contract occurs... or have I taught you nothing at all?"
He holds his gaze, his mouth set and his hand resting on the pommel of his sword, as though expecting a challenge.
Without leaving his gaze nor lessening his intensity, he says, "The ring is fine, Sofira. I will return it to you soon. You may find it useful, but be cautious."
With that he returns his full attention to his pupil, calculating and awaiting her next move.
*Selena does not back down or cower in any way, instead she raises her head and stands taller in front of her teacher.* "I know a knight cannot simply abandon his charge if he, or she does not agree with it. I did not know if you were released from your charge given the circumstances with the king and his Daughter. I was trying to ask you this question in private, hence why I was trying to get your hand before you came inside. and given that She is his daughter, I don't think it's best that we discuss anything with you concerning her until you have been released from your charge for our safety as well as yours."
*as she says this, she is talking fast and with a purpose and a bit of her gypsy accent seems to slip in and out. She stays standing tall, and her eyes do not leave his.*

'Wolfrum''s voice softens slightly and he takes a step back, his eyes dropping as he heaves a sigh. "That is not Arioch's daughter.... Arioch has no daughter, she's dead. Arioch is my sole charge. "
He slowly draws his sword and holds it vertically before him, staring intently into the highly polished blade. "I spoke those words to my sword and I'm still a Knight... I still have my code, so that must mean that it is true. The girl that I was to protect is no more... only Arioch remains."
He speaks softly and slowly, no longer seeming to be speaking to anyone in the room.
*She relaxes her shoulders a bit.*
"Good, now that that's settled, let me see your leg. It needs tending to."
Sofira stands gaping at the scene before. Suddenly she slams her boot to the floor and yells "EXCUSE ME! DID ANY OF YOU HEAR WHAY I JUST SAID!"
Rage fuels her as she yells a little more quietly to the party, magic crackles around her and ice begins to cover not only her, but the floor beneath her. "Lady Laeria is on the run and both she and Freya have become targets. That-that WITCH has criminalized light magic! All of the guild's will be shut down! Any one using light magic is being killed! She is taking over the kingdom and no one is doing anything about it! Without light magic how can common people with the strength to revive come back to us!? THEY CAN''T! Souls are being trapped in the void right now as we speak!"
She takes a breath, her face flushed but the anger still in her. "Doesn''t that matter to any of you?!"
As she takes breaths and calms down, the magic around her begins to die down.
*Selena turns to look at the temper tantrum throwing fairy*
"Yes, we heard you. There is a res circle here and Timothy can resurrect people. People will continue to use Light magics, they will just be more careful about it. Learia and Freya will be alright, and if not, we will make them alright. We will stop that bitch, for good this time, and everything will be fine, or we will all die and then it won't matter. Or we will end up being sucked through a portal to a strange new world where we don't know anything, except that all of our loved ones at home are dead. But we can't do anything until we figure out a plan. So calm down and go hug a light gaurdian while you still can."
*a tear escapes her eye before she is able to turn away and hide her face.*
"CALM DOWN?!" Sofira stiffness and the rage returns to her eyes. "You really don't understand what's happening, do you Selena? She isn't going to stop at just shutting down the guilds! The resurrection circles will be closed too! The second Timothy starts resurrecting people she will be here to kill us all and shut it down!"
Sofira takes a breath but does not stop her rant and even takes a step towards Selena. "There are at least 3 people in this room on her most wanted list. Who do you think she will come after now that Laeria is gone? This house won't be safe for long. She will find it and shut down that circle and once again, kill us. That may be the only circle left in the entire kingdom by then!"
Ice crystals begin to form on the Faeries fists at her side. "People will either resurrect where she wants them to, in hidden circles, or be trapped in the void. IN THE VOID SELENA!! Have you forgotten what it was like there? What it was like to have someone you love trapped there? Everyone in the kingdom will experience that soon! UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING! "
Ice begins to form beneath her feet again. "I am concerned about Freya and Laerie but she's a fucking Primarch! She can handle herself! Do you really think I'm only concerned about them?! There's a bigger picture here Selena. That witch has the kingdom in her pocket, are we going to stand by and let her have the entire realm as well?"
*She turns to face the fairy, her expression serious, but calm.*
"I understand better than you little one, the dangers of her going unchecked, but what exactly do you plan to do right this second to stop her? Charge at her half cocked and throw a few icicles at her? Scream at her until she stops being evil and trying to kill us? Do YOU have any plans what so ever to stop her right this second? NO! I didn't think so."
*She takes a step towards Sofira, raises her voice a little, and her ring flashes. (cloak emotion)*
"So yet again calm the fuck down so we can actually think of a rational plan that will actually fucking work to stop this bitch from destroying the world. You have never faced her before, we have, so when I say CALM DOWN, I mean it. Do you honestly think that being pissed off and half cocked when we are going up against the Mistress of Emotions is a good fucking idea?"
*She begins flexing her right hand*
“Now sit down and relax a bit before I make you calm down."
"Ladies please settle down this is not helping . First off let me say we are going to be alright the protections on this house are older than most of here secondly we are not going to fight like this any more it only feeds her. And third the plan is simple the king must step down now we know that will not happen(he looks at Wolfrum) he must be killed."
Sofira huffs and grits her teeth together. When she closes her eyes the ice disappears from her fists. She takes several deep breaths before opening her eyes she is still angry but is trying to contain it. "We know what must be done. We've already had this conversation. Now how do we do it? Do we have any leads? We need a plan NOW."
"we cant kill the king. That will just damage the kingdom further. We have to find a way to prove shes not his daughter."
'Wolfrum glances over at Sofira briefly, an amused look flashes across his face. He then turns back to Selena.
"Well... That will be difficult to do because... well... because it is her, so she's within her rights to be doing what she is doing."
Genuine pain darkens the Draconian''s eyes and he takes a deep breath before speaking again, "She has taken control of the King and of the Kingdom, as Sofira has observed. She controls the guilds, she controls the Resurrection circles, and the first time Timothy or anyone else uses this circle, she will sense its presence and will lead her directly here."
He meets Timothy''s eyes, "Arioch is beyond helping... Lilith as taken hold of him to the core. His connection to her is too strong, and she is using that. There is no salvation for Arioch except for...."
He sighs deeply and closes his eyes. When he speaks again, his words are soft.
"Lilith is much more powerful this time than she was before. She has established herself very well, and the only way to destroy her is to weaken her foundation. She cannot be attacked directly, so the sanctuary she has created for herself must be toppled before we can so much as touch her."
"we have to at least try to get through to him. She is not the same little girl he wishes her to be, and there has to be a way to show him that, before we decide his fate. There have been legends of gypsies being able to share visions through peoples dreams. Like get into their head while they sleep. I could try that."
'Wolfrum shakes his head, "It's not as simple as that... Lilith hasn't tricked the King, she has used the emotional connection that they share as a way to control him. That is not Arioch anymore, it is a puppet on the hand of the Mistress of Emotion. If it was as simple as her fooling him, that would be one thing, but this is a level of control that even I, in my seventy-two hundred years, have never seen before."
*She begins pacing around the room and talking with her hands.*
"Then what are we going to do because we can't just kill him. Think about what that would do to the kingdom, and what if it backfires and it's what she wanted all along so she can be queen? If we kill him and manage to stop her, who will run the Kingdom? and what are we going to do because we can't just get away with killing Arioch unless we portal jump, but where will we go, where can we go? and you know that always makes my powers screwy. I mean how long did it take me to just figure out the stars here?"
*she stops for a moment and looks directly to Timothy*
"Oh by the by, Zachary has gained the interest of some new big bad undead chick called the duchess or something. We might want to look into that as well."
*she returns to pacing*
"oh and Dirge has the baby dragon because it wanted to jump out of my belt holster in the void realm."
'Wolfrum rubs his eye with his fingertips,
"I don't know what we're going to do. If I knew how to fix this I would have done it already. But Lilith cannot claim the throne, even if Arioch dies. The Library maintains records of every birth, death, and heir in this kingdom. When Arioch's daughter ''died'', she lost the right of heirdom, and such things are irreversible as they're magically recorded. But I do have some interesting information for you. Take a look at this. I... erm... borrowed this from the library before Lillith took control of it."
He holds up a piece of parchment. It reads:

Twenty-Second Day of March, The Year of Our King Three Hundred Ninety-Five
Notice of Birth
Record Number Four Thousand Six Hundred Forty Seven
Name: Brennus Vlastimir Daggerheart
Gender: Lord
Blood: Royalty; Daggerheart Family

Wolfrum rolls the parchment back up and slips it back into his scroll case.
"I believe that changes things... Even Arioch doesn't know of the boy's existence, and neither does Lillith. This means he has no emotional connection to her at all, this means she would not be able to control him like she has Arioch. Also, Lilith has replaced every member of the King's Council with her own people. If done correctly, we can eliminate them, which will destroy Lilith's support, and then when the King is... out of the way, she will have no choice but to give up her position."
"So your plan is to go find some guy, who hopefully is of sound mind and body enough to run a kingdom, kill all Her allies, and.... remove the king from the equation, all without you being privy to our plans on how we are going to handle Arioch, without me being able to lie to you should you for some unknown reason ask me what our plans are for His Majesty. And hope that once we''ve done all this, She won't pull something else out of her arse to defeat us. Correct?"
*She faces Wolfrum, and raises an eye brow.
Sofira smiles and claps happily. She floats up so she is eye level with Wolfrum. "I'm so happy right now I could hug you but I'm afraid you wouldn't like that very much." She giggles and then looks to Selena. "Now HE has a plan! I thought we'd already decided that king was too far gone and something needed to be done. But now we know we can do something about him without handing the kingdom over to the witch!"
Sofira claps her hands again and laughs. "We need to find Brennus and those council members! If we get Brennus on board with the plan we can take down the council and the witches safety net and then he can take the throne! Then she won't control the kingdom, the guilds can be restored, and Laeria and Freya can come home!!" As she says the last sentence tears fill her eyes and she twirls in the air.
She stops twirling and gets a serious look on her face but the smile remains plastered on her lips. As she speaks she is trying to catch her breath. "We need names! Council members and allies! And we need to find Brennus!"
'Wolfrum looks blankly at Selena after she finishes speaking and is silent for a moment, "Yes, that's exactly what I expect of you. I'm glad we're on the same page."
As the Faerie explodes with clapping and laughter, Wolfrum's eyes narrow and take on a noticeable red hue as he tilts his head slightly to the side. As he watches her twirl in the air, a low growl escapes his throat briefly and then abruptly stops.
He blinks several times and his eyes return to their original color. He seems to make a noticeable effort to relax his face and takes a deep breath.
"Yes... well.. if you want to speak with the replaced council members, you will have to travel to the Void to do so. Lilith has summarily obliterated them... all of them."
His eyes shift to Selena, "This must be done. We no longer have the option of sitting upon our hands, and there is no other way to restore balance to the Kingdom..."
He narrows his eyes and meets Selena's gaze with a meaningful look, "...and my sources tell me that balance in this situation must be carefully considered."
*When Sofira starts bouncing around, Selena tenses up and watches the fairy and wolfrum very carefully. When Wolfrum narrows his eyes, Selena takes half a step, then collapses on the ground. After a few seconds of her laying still on the ground, she clutches her ribs.*
"Tower in the Kings Citadel, Pillar, Glyphs on the pillar, all the elements on the pillar. Huge pillar. Light glyph. Bitch talking to necromancer. Necromancer touches glowing light glyph. Bitch smiled. Pillar glows blue aura. Aura spread across the ground. Already happened. "
Sofira stops dancing and lowers herself to the floor. "I-is that normal, Wolfrum? What is she talking about?"
'Wolfrum looks at Selena and sighs,
"Yes, it's normal... her particularly strong visions tend to aid in her becoming acquainted with the floor."
He shifts his belt and re-positions his sword as he glances at the others in the room before turning back to Selena.
"The Pillar that you saw is in the highest tower at the King's Castle. It's known as the Stone of the Ancients; a relic crafted a long time ago by the Magi.... it has the power to both suppress magics as well as alert the controller when a specific type of magic is being accessed. For example, if it is told to suppress Light Magic, and a mage a day's-ride away tries to call upon the Light for even a simple healing spell, the mage will find that her spell dissipates to nothing as quickly as she taps into the Plane of Light, and whoever activated the Stone will know who tried casting the spell, where she is, and what spell she was attempting to cast."
He turns his gaze to Timothy, "The Stone of Ancients has not been activated since the fall of Old Ariad, over one hundred years ago. If the Light Glyph has been activated... then that will institute a declaration of war upon the Plane of Light itself..."
Wolfrum steps over to the fireplace, sighs again, and then flicks his hand toward the quiet hearth. There is a small explosion as the fireplace bursts to life, the roaring flames licking up the chimney and illuminating the Draconian's face.
"This means that Arioch has directly permitted an action that will lead his people to war with a peaceful plane... Lillith... the council members... war... that''s three..."
He speaks at almost a whisper, seeming to be speaking only to himself,
"Three be the seal that binds the soul, an'' three to bind the word. If thrice the spirit Valor moans, then void is't thine accord..."
As he finishes the verse, Wolfrum drops to his knees before the fireplace and falls forward onto his hands, the flames caressing his face and forehead.
"The Daggerheart family can no longer be under my protection... Arioch has violated his contract..."
Sofira stares at Wolfrum, not really looking at him. "War on the Plane of Light? Then that means..... " It seems as if pieces of a puzzle have just fallen into place inside her mind. She drops the thought and looks to the rest of the room, determination in her eyes. "Wolfrum, I am sorry to see you in such a state, but-" She hesitates. "Please forgive me for this, we don't have time to sulk anymore. We have seen how far Lillith''s reach extends with her newfound allies. We must act now. We need a plan and, Wolfrum, you are our only connection to those council members and the heir to the throne. We need you with us right now. Please."
*still laying on the floor* "I'm going to personally rip that bitch limb from limb."
*She tries to stand, but just falls back to the floor. After another few seconds, she gathers the strength to sit up right, but remains on the floor. She watches Wolfrum carefully, but stays silent as he collapses to his knees.*
'Timothy takes all of what is going on in. "I think I can get us some more information I will need to go out for a while I have some contacts that can help us, if the plain of light is about to be attacked then they must be warned. I won't be long." He gets up and gets ready to leave.'

Eric Wheeler, Owner
The Georgia Association of Medieval Entertainment (The GAME)

"Peace is a lie, there is only Passion.
Through Passion I gain Strength.
Through Strength I gain Power.
Through Power I gain Victory.
Through Victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall set me free."

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