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New Players

2 years 2 months ago #350 by Samyrmancer

My name is Matthew and I've been talking to two of my friends about playing Volaire since we run Alchemy and would like to get some play time in. I see that you have an event this weekend and while I'm working this weekend, I still wanted to ask some questions, hopefully from your players rather than staff, so we can make characters and show up to your next event.

Fun Facts:

1. We share the same site at Rockhill Castle, so I don't have any questions on that.

2. I see that you are NC17 for players, which is a shame as both my wife and I could come if we could bring our daughter. Not as a player, mind you, just as a page during the day. I think Alchemy may be the only game to allow kids.

3. Please know that I've been LARPing for 28 years, since the first one-day NERO ran in Atlanta. I played NERO, SOLAR, and three or four other minor LARPs - Shattered Isles, Legynds, etc.

4. I'm the rules author/plot developer for Alchemy. I'm interested in trying the game out before dragging Ryan (owner) and Richard (rules/artist/plot) with me.

5. I've read your rulebook. Are there any races/classes that are not in there?

So, without further ado, here are my questions:

1. What kind of cores do you allow on weapons?

2. What kind of phys reps do you allow on crossbows?

3. Do you buy spells in pyramids? Columns? Blocks?

4. How big is a buckler compared to a shield?

My character concept is kind of a Shadow and Bone thing - young military officer. Do you have a nearby nation where that kind of character would make sense? I'm not thinking knight or squire, more regular military, maybe in a hyper-militant/mercenary/police state kind of place. Someplace unpleasant.

I was a stick jock when I was young and while I'm still a pretty good fighter, I've got long term COVID now and can't fight longer than a few minutes. These days I'm mostly a roleplayer/cosplayer/prop maker. I understand the whole 'find out in game' thing, but I've been doing it for so long that I really need to get behind a character concept. I'm hoping maybe someone can help me out.


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2 years 2 months ago #351 by Eric
Hi Matthew!

I'd love for some of our players to jump in and respond here, but I'll answer the questions here so that you have an official stance on at least the rules questions. :-)

1. Yay! RockHill ! Woo Woo!
2. Yes, Volaire is NC-17 due to content and storylines. We're not exactly a family game. Things get dark.
3. Awesome! I'm a former SOLARian too! Played for years at Everhate and Clanthia.
4. Fun, you and I should get along great then. lol
5. There are indeed! Any that are not in the current rulebook version are still in playtest, but we are working on a few unlisted races and classes (did someone say Prestige Class?)

1. While we prefer the tried and true PVC core, we do also allow carbon fiber and other cores that Boffersmiths are utilizing these days. If you have anything specific in mind, feel free to drop a support ticket for our Weapons Marshal to give a full response.
2. Crossbows of any nonmetalic material is fine as long as the bolts are 100% foam. If you have anything specific in mind, feel free to drop a support ticket for our Weapons Marshal to give a full response.
3. Battle Magic spells are bought in "stacked pyramid" format. I have a broken-down detailed explanation of that somewhere. I'll look it up after work and post it as a reply here for you to better explain. Ritual Magic spell slots are bought in column format.
4. A buckler should be no larger than the length of your arm from elbow to fingertip whereas a shield is sixed lo larger than armpit to fingertip.

Absolutely! There is a neighboring territory that I believe perfectly fits your description. That does start to venture into non-public information, but our Logistics team can provide the appropriate info for you as you're submitting a character history. :-)

I'm glad you're on this side of COVID but hate that you're still experiencing effects from it. Hoping to see you at the castle during Volaire and when I come out to visit Alchemy!


Eric Wheeler, Owner
The Georgia Association of Medieval Entertainment (The GAME)

"Peace is a lie, there is only Passion.
Through Passion I gain Strength.
Through Strength I gain Power.
Through Power I gain Victory.
Through Victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall set me free."

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2 years 2 months ago #358 by Samyrmancer
Hi, I sent you a DM, not sure if you got it. I am planning to come to your May event and am working on costuming/weapons and want to talk to someone about setting.

Can someone please send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at x850x x545x x8116x?

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