Meet The Team!

The Georgia Association of Medieval Entertainment is made up of avid gamers who have one huge thing in common: a passion for LARP.

The Volaire LARP Game Management Team is composed of more than 100 years of combined LARP experience.

We encourage our players to make this game their own and hope to add more faces to this page as time goes on!

We welcome you to step right up and meet the team!


Eric W.
Owner/Founder | Head of Logistics | Information Systems Manager

Eric is a technology specialist who is currently going to school to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He is an Advanced Software Developer, Game Systems Designer, Content Developer, and self-proclaimed "All Around Technology Nerd". With over 20 years of LARP experience, Eric is the original founder of Volaire LARP at its inception in 2004. 


Operations Manager | Logistics Team Lead | Website Administrator

Kai is an avid reader and could spend hours at a time lost between the pages of a book. Her love for literature and exploring new worlds is what began her creative journey into writing stories herself. From fantastical worlds of magic and mystery to heartfelt and gripping romance, Kai's ability to weave words and tell a story that keeps her audience enthralled is like no other. As fate would have it, her journey has brought her to the world of Volaire, where her love of storytelling is translated through Terminal Strikes, Ritual Cursing, and Evisceration. Don't let the sweet face fool you... this one's a killer!


Kentral "Tre" M.
Co-Founder | Lead Story Designer | Head of Plot

"Never trust a smiling GM"... truer words have never been spoken, especially when talking about Tre. With just over 25 years of LARP experience and more than 30 years of experience running tabletop RPGs, Tre is easily what one would call, in the days of old, a Master Storyteller. Whether he's playing your friendly neighborhood Apothecary or the big baddie leading hordes of undeath down upon your quaint little town, one thing is certain: You will be immediately immersed in a story you won't want to escape...


Wesley H.
Game Manager | Game System Co-Editor | Game Mechanics Designer


Abby B.
Founding Member | Weapons Safety Marshal | Lead Race Marshal

"What are you?"
"I'm... complicated..."


Russell S.
Founding Member | Ritual Marshal | Production Marshal