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OOP Forums (47 topics)

The forums under this category are for Out-Of-Play conversation only.
Unless otherwise stated, any discussions made in these sections may never be used as In-Play knowledge.
Please read the description of each board and post appropriately.
Any posts that violate these terms may be deleted without warning.


General (14 topics)

This forum is for the discussion of... well, anything! You may discuss any Out Of Play (OOP) topic here. There should be no In Play (IP) discussion on this board.
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Re: Vote for Noms!
by Saige
1 year 5 months ago

Help! (1 topics)

This forum is for asking any game-related questions. Please do not ask questions regarding In Play (IP) topics. There should be no IP discussion on this board.
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Re: New Players
by Samyrmancer
2 years 2 months ago

Archives (2 topics)

Here are some archives from the previous versions of this website for your reading pleasure...
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End of Light for the Kingdom
by Eric
4 years 1 month ago

Announcements (8 topics)

Here you shall find the wise words of our elders that have been etched upon stone at the top of the highest mountains in the land and then carried on the backs of blind monks for 13 days and 13 nights to the temples of Ariad where the priests worked day and night translating the tablets into the common tongue for all to read...
Or maybe it's just the coffee-induced ramblings of a sleep deprived madman...
Either way, you should read it.
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Planar Wars One-Shot | Part 1
by Eric
3 months 2 weeks ago

Character Concepts (No topics)

Don't know where to start?
Want feedback on a concept you've been tossing around in your head?
Post your ideas here!
No topics

Common Knowledge (22 topics)

This forum contains information that is considered to be "Common Knowledge".

This means that all information contained here are things that your character could know In-Play because it could be gathered from a multitude of sources.
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Leaders of 423
by Kai
11 months 2 weeks ago

In-Play Forums (116 topics)

This set of forums is for In Play (IP) discussion only.
You should only post here if you have a registered character.


Tavern (65 topics)

"Heh? Well come on in and close that darn door. Yer lettin' all kindsa bugs in! Now then, have ya a seat. Don't suppose yer gonna actually order nuthin. Most people come in here just to flap their face holes. So if ya came to talk, kindly find a table in the back there somewheres. But uh, if ya came to spend a little coin, then let me clear a space for ye, my valued customer. How can I be of service?"

Guild of Light (32 topics)

"Greetings traveler! All who thrive in the light are welcome here. If you have suffered wounds or illness over your travels, you may come here for healing. Or, if you should happen to die, your spirit may return here if it has the strength."
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Re: After The Chaos
by Kai
5 days 8 hours ago

Artisan's Guild (6 topics)

"I don't feel there's any need to say much... our product sells itself. What do we have? The finest weapons and armor."
Zuigrii's Avatar
Re: Artisan rescue
by Zuigrii
1 month 1 week ago

Mage's Guild (6 topics)

We are the Guardians of Arcane Knowledge, protectors of mystical secrets, and unravelers of hidden mysteries. For all of your magical needs, you are certain to find the answers within our halls. We are also the proud keepers of The Academy, the most prestigious of the educational establishments across the known land.
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Re: Mage check in
by Kai
1 month 14 hours ago
Welcome, noble spectators, to the hallowed grounds of Hallowseeker Academy, where the echoes of history blend seamlessly with the cadence of knowledge. Centered in a private plot of land about a day's travel from Volaire's bustling streets, Hallowseeker Academy sits against a backdrop of lush forest and imposing mountains. As you enter through the imposing gates, a sense of ancient mystique envelops you, for this venerable institution stands as a bastion of enlightenment in the heart of the medieval realm.

The sprawling campus is a tapestry of cobblestone pathways winding through meticulously manicured gardens, each corner whispering secrets of forgotten lore. Towering spires adorned with ivy and wrought iron rise majestically against the azure sky, housing chambers of scholarly pursuits and arcane wisdom.
The exterior of the emporium is adorned with an eclectic mix of artifacts—weathered banners, mystical symbols, and odd trinkets hanging from twisted vines, reflecting Peyote's penchant for collecting the curious and the extraordinary.
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Re: A Desert Adventure's Rewards
by Saige
3 months 1 week ago

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