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Planar Wars One-Shot | Part 1

3 months 2 weeks ago #3698 by Eric
Greetings, LARPers!

We're thrilled to unveil the first installment of our epic Planar Wars Campaign, a trilogy of unparalleled adventures! This unique journey kicks off with a special One-Shot event that promises an unforgettable experience. For this singular occasion, you'll have the chance to step into the roles of extraordinary characters, crafted exclusively for this event. Delve into a world beyond your wildest imaginations, embodying monster races previously unexplored in the annals of Volaire LARP. This is your chance to pioneer the unknown and embody beings from the farthest reaches of fantasy!

Each monster race you can choose from comes with a rich, woven tapestry of lore and history, presenting mysteries and tales that have yet to be unveiled. As you don the guise of these fantastical creatures, you'll find yourself on a path filled with discovery and intrigue. The detailed lore of each race will be selectively revealed as the event draws near, ensuring a personalized journey tailored to the essence of your chosen being. Brace yourself to navigate the treacherous and enigmatic realms of the Elemental Planes, where your cunning and bravery will be the keys to unlocking age-old secrets of the Planar Wars.

The information provided below is only a fraction of what will be provided once you have begun creating your character. We have provided a brief description of each race and keywords that hint at their affinity and playstyle. However, no further information will be revealed until you have committed to one of the Playable Monster Races shown below. After all, some secrets must be earned...

In the heart of the Elemental Plane of Ice, whispers of an impending colossal conflict stir the air. The shadow of war looms over the horizon, reaching even the most secluded expanses of the frostbound wilderness. A clandestine group known as The Shroud is rallying the inhabitants of the Elemental Planes. They unveil a sinister scheme by the draconian overlords—a scheme that threatens to disrupt the delicate equilibrium of the Planes themselves. In a bold maneuver to reclaim sovereignty over the Elemental Plane of Ice, The Shroud is amassing a diverse coalition, ready to storm the Frozen Palace and dethrone the dragon tyrants. Join us on this extraordinary venture, where your actions will shape the fate of the Planes!

Playable Races:
The Frost Goblin Frost Goblins are diminutive creatures, standing no taller than a human child, but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in agility and cunning. Their skin is a pale, icy blue, blending seamlessly with the snowy environments they inhabit. Sharp, angular features dominate their faces, with pointed ears peeking out from under frost-tipped hair. Their eyes, bright and keen, glow with a mischievous light, reflecting their clever nature. Frost Goblins dress in layers of fur and leather, adorned with bits of bone and crystal, a testament to their resourcefulness in the frozen wilderness. Despite their small stature, they move with a graceful, almost ethereal agility, darting through the snow like winter spirits.
  • Costume/Makeup Requirements - Frost Goblins must have blue pointed ears and either all exposed skin painted blue or blue geometric shapes on all exposed skin.
  • Keywords - Quick, Roguelike, Clever, Adaptable

The Frost Walker Frost Walkers, reaching heights up to ten feet, embody the majestic essence of the frozen wilderness. Their slender, elongated forms are sculpted from a blend of ice and magic, giving them a graceful, almost regal posture. The skin of a Frost Walker is a luminous white, almost translucent, with a network of glowing runes traveling beneath its surface. Their eyes are deep wells of sapphire, reflecting a serene wisdom and power. Garbed in robes that mimic the shimmering aurora borealis, these beings exude an aura of mystique and ancient magic. Despite their towering presence, they move with a silent, flowing elegance that belies their size.
  • Costume/Makeup Requirements - Frost Walkers must have white hair or white-streaked hair.
  • Keywords - Spellcasting, Arcane Knowledge, Intelligent, Resourceful

The Ice Golem Ice Golems, formidable beings standing at around nine to ten feet tall, are the embodiment of winter's resilience. Crafted from dense, blue-tinted ice, their massive, blocky forms are both awe-inspiring and daunting. The ice from which they are made is not merely frozen water but a magically hardened substance, making them nearly indestructible. Their features are etched into the ice, giving them a rudimentary but expressive visage, with glowing crevices for eyes and a broad, menacing mouth. These giants are the guardians of the icy realms, their very presence a testament to the power and immutability of ice. They wield no weapons, for their arms themselves are themselves massive weapons of unparalleled ferocity.
  • Costume/Makeup Requirements - Ice Golems must have at least 50% of all exposed skin painted blue.
  • Keywords - Tank like, Resilient

The Ice Troll Ice Trolls are massive, standing at least twice the height of a grown man, with a build that is all muscle and brute strength. Their skin is a rough, frostbitten blue, thick and hardy against the biting cold, covered in patches of coarse, icy fur. Their faces are broad and fearsome, dominated by a wide mouth filled with jagged teeth and two small, fiercely glowing eyes. Large horns, like those of a ram but encrusted with ice, curve back from their foreheads. Ice Trolls are clad in minimal attire, preferring the natural resilience of their skin and fur against the cold, but they may adorn themselves with trophies from their hunts—bones, furs, and the remnants of unfortunate travelers. In their hands, they wield weapons crafted from the ice and stone of their domain, each swing demonstrating their fearsome strength and ferocity in battle.
  • Costume/Makeup Requirements - Ice Trolls must have white fur incorporated into their costuming to denote fur covering their body, and/or a white beard of at least 6 inches.
  • Keywords - Berserker like, Warrior, Weapons Master, Battle Rage

Common Features:
  • Greater Ice Attuned - All playable races begin the game with a Greater Ice Attunement. This grants the following effects:
    1. These creatures are healed by all Ice Magic and Non-Weapon Ice Taglines.
    2. They take double damage from all Fire sources.
    3. They have a racial hatred toward fire and will aggressively attack any being attuned to, wielding, controlling, or otherwise utilizing fire within their line of sight.
    4. They have Ice Empathy and will not intentionally attack other Ice creatures without provocation. However, they may defend themselves if attacked first.

  • Costume/Makeup Requirements
    1. Due to the nature of a One-Shot Event, costuming requirements will be lax. However, we still need to have a way to differentiate the different inhabitants of the frigid landscape.
    2. Blue must be around the eyes to denote the Greater Ice Attunement. This can be accented with white and/or silver to make it stand out.

  • Spellcasting
    1. Because this is a One-Shot event, spellcasting will be a little different from normal gameplay. Spell columns will still be built in pyramid format like normal. However, rather than having to memorize Ice Spells, these spell slots will represent "Spell-Like Abilities" that the caster possesses. These may range from anything like throwing ice damage to other frosty effects that will be revealed later on...

  • When is the event?
    The event will be on Sunday, September 15 from 10am until 6pm
  • How much will it cost?
    Preregistration will be $15. If you pay at the event, it will be $20.
  • Do I have to preregister to make a character?
    No! However, preregistration helps us get things together for the event ahead of time such as food.
  • Will I get Experience Points for the one-Shot?
    Absolutely! Participants will be awarded 80 Experience Points that can be applied to any character they have on the books.
  • Can I just come Monster?
    Sure! We can always use monsters! And you get the same benefits as normal: Free entry, free food, and experience applied to your normal player character.
  • Wait, so we're playing monsters? Aren't you worried someone might metagame and use information they learn at the One-Shot for their regular character?
    Not at all! Actually, your regular player character will experience everything your One-Shot character experiences in a dream. After the One-Shot Event, you can roleplay with your normal character with all information you gained from the One-Shot Event.
  • Will there be food served?
    Yes! We will be serving lunch at the event! The menu will be posted prior to the event date.
  • How will resurrection work?
  • What spells will I have?
  • I didn't get the hint and want to ask another question about the event that has to do with In-Play details!

Are you ready to start building a character?
It's easy to get started! Just visit the Support Desk and Submit a Ticket !
Make sure that you select "Plot" as the Department and "One-Shot | Sept 2024" as the Help Topic.

From there, we will help you get your character built and give you all the information you will need to know.
Looking forward to seeing you in the frozen fields of the Elemental Plane of Ice!

Eric Wheeler, Owner
The Georgia Association of Medieval Entertainment (The GAME)

"Peace is a lie, there is only Passion.
Through Passion I gain Strength.
Through Strength I gain Power.
Through Power I gain Victory.
Through Victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall set me free."

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