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Leaders of 423

11 months 2 weeks ago - 11 months 2 weeks ago #2438 by Kai
King Vlastimir DaggerHeart

The long lost son of Arioch spent most of his life in taverns surrounded by dangerous adventurous men, and beautiful women after his money. When His father mysteriously died in his bedchambers during the war with Lilith shortly after light magic was made illegal, Vlastimir was retrieved to take over the kingdom. Since then he's been a good king. Focusing on what his people need instead of his own wants. No one expected him to be such a good king, but since he began his reign, the kingdom and his people haven't had to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. Even during the war, Vlastimir still made sure that no one was starving. Even going so far as to send rescue groups to smaller outlining villages to help rebuild, and deliver food and healing potions.

King Wolfrum

Not much is known about Wolfrum, the dragon king, other than he's not someone you want to upset. He was the general to the kingdom's army for centuries, serving the Daggerheart family loyally until the war. At which point it's said he denounced his knighthood, and disappeared. There have been rumors he's still around, but hardly anyone he's met since then has survived. Or if they have, they aren't spilling his secrets.

King Ivan and Queen Sofira

Ivan and Sofira Stormchild got their start in the light guild. Sofira arrived to town one day and quickly found allies with ties to the light path and brought her into the fold quick enough due to her skills as a battle healer, and soon enough, she rose to the rank of Guildmistress. There, she met a stubborn jackass of an Elf prince in hiding, and the rest is history. They're all but inseparable now. Since the war with Lilith ended, they've moved to Ivan's Kingdom, still occasionally popping into town from time to time to check on their old guild.

Baroness Charlotte Greyshield

The daughter of former Baron Dorian Greyshield, Charlotte has taken her place as Baroness after the murder of her family at the hands of her older brother, Theomund. Known in Foresetidale as the "wild child" of the Greyshield family, she was trained personally by her mother and father in basic magic and fighting for her self defense. However, her love of melee evolved and she has learned useful skills on her own. She intends to follow in her father's footsteps and uphold the values he carried regarding justice and the balance.

Baroness Jade

Jade is a young haltijan female with long brown hair and green eyes. She dresses herself in flowing black fabrics and can always be seen walking with her spear in hand. It is said she killed Baroness Eclipse to become the new Baroness but those are just rumors. Aren't they?

Baron Linneus Golenaire

Linneus is the Baron of Tuatha. Not much is known about Linneus as he is fairly secretive. He enjoys hiding in trees. He is a lover of nature and animals. In such, he is very protective of nature and will always take the side of nature. He respects the balance and believes Undeath to be an offense to the balance.

Guildmaster Edgewood

Edgewood has always been a strange one, nomadic, and as flowing as the wind itself. Though, I'd expect nothing less of an air mage with his abilities. Though his use of daggers rivals his skill in ritual magic, and with both he's as unstoppable as a hurricane. As long as we can keep him around long enough that is. The mages guild members have just gotten used to him wandering the countryside, or taking a sailing trip randomly with no preparations.

Guildmaster Miquella

Miquella is adorned in ornate golden symbols on his skin that give off his half-celestial heritage. He made his way into Volaire seeking a new purpose in life where he could tend to those around him. He found his way into the Guild of Light where he became a student of the previous Guild Mistress Rachelle and Guild Second Marquanthis. Miquella pursued the darkness in the world, making plenty of allies on the way. One such ally is the Knight Master Selena who seemed to take him under her wing and has been known to accompany him from time to time. He made his way up the ranks of the guild until the untimely demise of Rachelle. As a result, he became the new Guild Master of the Guild of Light and the Master of Balance within the guild. As Guild Master he can be seen tending to the citizens of the Kingdom. Ensuring all are welcomed in the Light as he was. He is a guardian of the voiceless and ensures that they are not taken advantage of.

Guildmistress Lyra

Guildmistress Lyra is a crafter by trade, inheriting the guild by her ability to forge weapons with incredible accuracy and speed. She can craft just about any weapon you could ask for, but she’s never really been very good at using them. Perhaps it’s mostly mental as she doesn’t agree with taking life. Her second, and confidant, Sylvia, on the other hand is a master with an ax and will take no disrespect from anyone.

Lady Knightmaster Selena Udinov Na'Sey Lavanarish of the Aridnadian Empire, Representative and Commander for the Draconian Domain, and Bandolier to the Udinov clan

Once a member of the Guild of Light, Selena is now Knightmaster and General of the Realm and Commander of the Draconian Army. It is said she comes from another world and that she was once a healer. Now a being of darkness, Selena still fights for the balance of all. She, along with her companions, helped stop Lilith in the war 30 years ago. Now her soldiers roam the streets of Volaire and she is seen every once in a while performing her duties as Knightmaster and General of the realm. Sometimes issues resolve themselves, or so it seems. In such cases there is usually a clear message that "it became my problem". Many who encounter the Ramtovi turned Draconian are left with a bitter taste in their mouths. Selena is not exactly known for her friendly demeanor but get on her good side and she can be a beneficial ally. Her Ramtovi nature has made it known that she collects "children" though only one is known for sure. Zachery, leader of the academy. She also started an orphanage in Volaire for those children suffering from the war with Lilith. No one knows where she lives or how to get to her home. She simply appears where and when she needs to. If you need to get in touch with her, your best bet is to ask the guild of light or one of her many Draconian and Undead soldiers in town.

Prince Kalil ari V'rahkdön Na'sey

Kalil is the youngest Elite among Selena's soldiers and a former Dark Knight. He was raised by his father and mother who worshiped King Wolfrum. From the time he was able to hold a sword, his father trained him in preparation for the day he would join the King's ranks. He became Selena's Squire when he appeared roughly 13 with strict orders not to return home until he had made his father's name proud. Kalil shed his family name and gave himself a new one as he grew and trained with Selena and others. When Connor arrived at the manor the two began spending time and training together. Today they are practically inseparable as the outcasts they are among the Draconian's that wander the manor lands. He is known to have a hot head and a fiercely protective nature among his fellow soldiers and the squadron he commands. He is also known for having an affinity for fire and always wields a fire sword. Kalil was named by Wolfrum as his heir to the Draconian throne and is engaged to Prince Connor and Princess Zinna.

Prince Connor Daggerheart

Connor is the son of Lilith Daggerheart and Timothy Hallowseeker. He is heir to the Ariadnian Empire. Connor lives at Selena's manor where he studies and trains his magic abilities. He is known to be a pretty talented healer though few have seen him use his skills. He is rather calm and quiet compared to his partner, Kalil, who is never far from his side. He is engaged to Prince Kalil and Princess Zinna.

Princess Zinna Udinov

Princess Zinna has always been a bit of a free spirit, though what do you expect from Romtovi royalty? She's also always had a bit of fire in her and when she was younger, she was a bit of a wild child. Due to this and her father's desire to make sure she could protect herself and get herself out of any trouble she was sure to find, he sent her to live with Knightmaster Selena. Through the years, the spoiled, fiery princess has settled down and learned quite a lot about the struggles of the everyday people and has changed her tune. Zinna has grown into someone who prefers to care for those around her, always ready with a hot meal, soothing beverage, or tasty treat. She's also been allowed to really explore her artistry and finds great joy and comfort in designing and making all of the outfits and armor for the other royals she lives with. Don't be fooled by thinking that's all this princess is capable of, as she was sent to Selena for a reason. She was also allowed to tap into her love of fire and as such has learned many ways to cook anyone that dares threaten her or those she cares for, though she does prefer to avoid fighting as it's dirty business and she's worked so hard on her outfits. She is engaged to Prince Kalil and Prince Connor.

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