Tuathan wild elf...

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walks up, making sure to wipe the mud off her bare feet in the grass before coming up the steps, smiling in friendly greeting to those she passes. Once inside, she pulls down the thin brown scarf she had shielding her head and eyes from the hot sun, and heads over to the missive board to take notes as she scans over them. Once she's done, she turns and scans the occupants, averting her gaze from those sporting black a red, and heading to the other end of the bar to order her drink, fishing in one of her many pouches for a few gold.

Once she's received her drink she heads over to Dorian's table, stopping a few feet back waiting on permission to approach.

"howdy Baron! Super secret barony stuff or can I sit with you and bug you for a bit?"

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The younger man locks his red-brown eyes on the Wild Elf as she approaches but otherwise does not move. The Baron raises his mug to her with a beaming smile on his face.

"Ah yes! My friend! Sit! Sit! Lady Celestria, more ale please!" Dorian continues smiling as he slaps his companion on the back of his shoulder again, spilling a little ale on the table from his cup. "Sir Rolland, this is one of the new arrives I was telling you about."

Upon closer inspection, Sir Rolland's graying hair is blended with dark red, a single small braid among the hair tied back away from his face. There is a small scar across his left brow and on his left cheek, clearly healed over the years and leaving a barely noticeable dip in his skin. Sir Rolland smiles. "Well met, lady. Sir Dorian tells me you assisted him with the goblins laying seige to the town?"

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